Monthly Archives: December 2016

The Art of Making Coffee

There are two main types of latte art: free pouring (pattern created during the pour) and etching (using a tool to create a pattern after the pour). Free pouring is far more common and requires little additional time in preparing a drink. For free pouring the barista then moves the pitcher from side to side […]

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Fresh out the oven – Order now!

Are you looking for a fresh baguette or pretzel for you party at home? Not a problem. We will put French Baguettes (thiner), Baguettes Parisienne (thicker) or German hand twisted Brezeln right in the oven for you. Please order an at least an hour in advance.

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Celebrate with us

You want to celebrate your birthday? Come with your friends, have a bite to eat and a real nice birthday coffee. If you planning to come with more than 6 people, please let us know in advance. By the way: When you sign up for our Reward Program you will receive a FREE PASTRY.

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Curved or Straight?

Our croissants are made with fresh butter from Belgium. The plain Croissants are curved and called Croissant de Beurre (which means made with real butter). The Chocolate and Almond Croissant are straight – and of course also made with fresh Belgian Butter.

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Made with Coffee Cubes

Our chilled coffee drinks are made with Coffee Cubes, not with regular ice cubes. Coffee Cubes are created from our House Brew coffees (medium and dark roast). Why? Your cold coffee drinks will not be watered down and tasteless when the iced cubes are beginning to melt.

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