Bridge Wood Tables

Our unique counter top and display table is made out of bridge wood. Bridge wood is from the ‘Old Gandy Bridge’ over Tampa Bay. When it opened in 1924 at a cost of $3 million, the original Gandy Bridge was USA’s largest over-water span. The timber our tables are made of is from the recreational […]

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Fresh out the oven – Order now!

Are you looking for a fresh baguette or pretzel for you party at home? Not a problem. We will put French Baguettes (thiner), Baguettes Parisienne (thicker) or German hand twisted Brezeln right in the oven for you. Please order an at least an hour in advance.

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Celebrate with us

You want to celebrate your birthday? Come with your friends, have a bite to eat and a real nice birthday coffee. If you planning to come with more than 6 people, please let us know in advance. By the way: When you sign up for our Reward Program you will receive a FREE PASTRY.

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